Monday, September 26, 2011

Bigger Than a Breadbox by Laurel Snyder

Bigger Than a Bread Box by Laurel Snyer 
(Random House, 2011)

Summary from publisher:
Everybody needs a place to rest.
Everybody wants to have a home.
For as long as she can remember, twelve-year-old Rebecca has been singing along with that song--but suddenly the lyrics are making way too much sense.  Rebecca's home is in Baltimore, and so is her dad.  But her mom has dragged her and her little brother off to Atlanta to live at their grandmother's house until she can "figure things out." And it looks like that's gong to take a very long time.  In her gran's attic, Rebecca discovers an old bread box with the power to grand any wish--so long as the wished-for thing fits in the bread box.  An iPod, a diamond, even a seagull from Baltimore--anything she wants is hers...except for the power to put her broken family back together.  For a while, though, the magic bread box makes life away from home a little easier.  Then, suddenly, it starts to make things much, much more difficult--and Rebecca is forced to decide not just where, but who she really wants to be.  

Laurel Snyder has written a beautiful book about the painful reality of divorce.  Based in part on her own experiences, she writes Rebecca's character with truth.  While the parts about the magical bread box are fantasy, they do not take away from the reality of Rebecca's struggles with her parents' separation.  As I was reading, I found myself comparing my experiences as a young child dealing with many of the same issues to Rebecca, and I could relate to her pain and confusion.

Over the course of the book, Rebecca and her mother both learn some powerful lessons about being true to yourself while also caring for those you love.  This is a delicate balance, no matter what your age and a difficult lesson to learn.

I can't wait to tell my students about this one!

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