Monday, February 6, 2012

The Trouble With Half a Moon by Danette Vigilante

The Trouble With Half a Moon by Danette Vigilante (Putnam, 2011)

Summary from publisher:
Dellie's family hasn't been the same since the death of her younger brother.  Her mother cries all the time, and Dellie lives with the secret guilt that the accident that killed her brother was her fault.  Her father says they all just need time. But in the time Dellie's mother is taking to heal, Dellie, nearly thirteen, is growing up and getting tired of always being stuck in the house.  She wants to be with her friends, but her mother -- so scared something will also happen to Dellie -- can only think of protecting her.
When her housing project building gets new tenants, the world Dellie can only observe from her bedroom window begins to change.  Suddenly there's gunfire at night and fighting on the stoop.  Caught in the middle of the trouble is Corey -- an abused little boy who's often left home alone and hungry.  Dellie strikes up a dangerous friendship with this boy, who reminds her so much of her brother.  She feeds him, comforts him, and becomes his protector -- his "supersister"; she hopes she can maybe do for Corey what she couldn't do for her brother -- save him.  She doesn't count on Corey saving her and her family, and restoring her faith in herself.

Dellie is a character I found myself falling in love with from the first page.  She wants so badly to have a "normal" life like those her classmates have, but her mother's fear that something will happen to Dellie makes her a virtual prisoner in her own home.  Dellie, like most 13 year old girls, tries to find ways around her mother's rules, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

While I liked this story, I did feel it was very predictable and that the conflicts were resolved too easily.  It seems a stretch that everything will work out just perfectly for every person in this story.  Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

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