Monday, March 12, 2012

Can I See Your I.D.? True Stories of False Identities by Chris Barton

Can I See Your I.D.? True Stories of False Identities by Chris Barton (Dial, 2011)

Summary from publisher:
Who are you?  Why should we believe you?  Can I see some i.d.?
These fascinating stories of ten imposters -- many of them teenagers -- push questions of identity, deception, and gullibility to the extreme.  Sometimes, reality truly does defy belief.  Take:

  • A high school dropout who passes himself off as a navy surgeon
  • a poor Englishwoman who dupes the upper class into believing she's really a kidnapped Asian princess
  • A Jewish teenager who survives WWII by posing as a Hitler Youth
Best-selling author Chris Barton did extensive research on these great pretenders, including interviews with his subjects and people who knew them.  So go on, open this book and try on another identity for size -- you might be surprised what you discover about yourself.

This collection of ten short biographies is a great addition to any middle grade classroom library.  It includes stories of men and women, kids and adults, and the stories are both engaging and fairly easy to read.  I found it interesting that the stories were written in second person, so the reader was put right there into the action of the story,  This made me think about what I would do if I were the person in the story.  Some of the stories I was familiar with, but others were completely new.

When I finished reading this book, I handed it off to my daughter to see what she would think of the book. She really enjoyed it, especially how it showed what happened to the people after they were discovered.  Her favorite story was the one about Princess Caraboo.  She agrees that both boys and girls would like this book!

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